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Our entire team not only knew Nolan very well and loved him with all our hearts, but we are inspired by him and are committed to fulfill his legacy.
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Nolan's H.E.R.O. Foundation Team

Ray Berthelette-President

Ray Berthelette


Nolan is not only my son, but a friend with whom I shared a close bond. We were so much alike, had so much in common and really understood each other. While my heart is, and will always be broken, I am commiting my life to fulfill all that Nolan stood for and to help make this world a better place. I love you Nolan!

Amy Berthelette-VicePresident

Amy Berthelette


Nolan is my son and my soulmate. He came into this world with a purpose and, although his life was too short, I believe he taught us more than we could ever hope to teach him. A wise, old soul, a joy, a challenge, and an inspiration. His work to make the world a better place goes on through those of us he left behind.

Rochelle Varney-Treasurer

Rochelle Varney


Nolan was part of our family. I was his Cub Scout leader; my husband was his soccer coach. My son Devon and he were great friends. Nolan spent a lot of time at our house and I am so thankful for that, to see what an amazing young man he was. Our family will forever be shaped because we were blessed to know Nolan.

April McAlpine-Director

April McAlpine


Nolan was my best friend, my inspiration to continue learning in music. We were in a band together, and spent many, many summer days together. We shared a similar humor in ways some didn't get. We just clicked so well. Nolan keeps me motivated and inspired to do amazing things for him.

William Lyons-Director

William Lyons


Nolan is my nephew and always helped with my Whitewater Rafting business. He loved being part of our guide family and it was great watching him mature into a young man. He was an inspiration to everyone he came in contact with. Today we should all strive to be the HERO that Nolan was!

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