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At an early age Nolan was an activist and expressed his concerns for the entire world and all of the people on this planet. He was determined to make a difference and make this world a better place. Nolan's H.E.R.O. Foundation is determined to fulfill Nolan's dreams and goals by supporting what he stood for and believed in. Please help us continue Nolan's legacy!

Support the Polar Bears

At the age of 10 Nolan won a t-shirt design contest and received free t-shirts and a behind-the-scenes tour of Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, RI. From an early age he had a love for polar bears, but more importantly, the impact evironmental changes had on them. He was determined to do all he could to help. Read his story at Polar Bears International! Please continue to donate to the polar bears and if you do, make sure that you specify your donation is in honor of Nolan Berthelette.

Brain Aneurysm Foundation

Awareness Saves Lives!

The Maine Brain Aneurysm Awareness Committee (MBAAC) was formed in 2009 and is a group of committed volunteers that seek to remember and honor our loved ones lost to or having survived a brain aneurysm. Our mission is to provide support to the brain aneurysm community, raise public awareness regarding early detection and treatment and to help fund research. Our goal is to help save lives!


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